Fresh from their latest Environment Award win at the Forklift Truck Association awards in the UK, leading sideloader manufacturer, Baumann, heads to LIGNA with two of their latest electric models, the EGX and EHX series.

The 6,600 to 11,000 lbs. capacity EHX takes a lead from its engine-powered counterpart, the HX, in that it is light, nimble and suitable for applications where space is at a premium.

“Our EHX is ideal for light applications,” says Baumann Sales Manager, Fabio Bernieri “but at the same time the truck offers very compact dimensions with a great visibility due to the battery positioned under deck. No-one but Baumann offers such a solution.”

A perfect sideloader for those that prefer a higher deck, the EHX is also ideal for those looking for a quiet and efficient machines for a single-shift operation.

Also appearing at LIGNA, the 11,000 to 17,600 lbs. capacity EGX Series utilizes another award-winning feature, the direct drive Archimedes screw to extend the fork carriage, whilst preventing transverse movements and eliminating unnecessary stresses.

“The worm gear system and rollers can work only in combination, which means ideal results each time,” adds Fabio, “and the maximum working speeds, results never before reached.”

The system is low in maintenance and simple in design, with a high level of engineering and durability to ensure greater safety, smoother control and perfectly synchronized outreach for highly accurate and efficient load control.

For over 40 years the sideloader mast would be pushed outwards towards the load by rams and rollers. The chassis would be designed with pre-tensile strength to push against the outreaching mast, but decades of travel would inevitably mean some masts would jump or slip.

With the advent of the award-winning Archimedes system, a continuous screw provides accurate and sensitive control, and reduces the weight needed in the chassis, leading to greater fuel economy.

The steel and timber industries are key users of Baumann sideloaders, where productivity and reliability are key factors. Moving in and out of standard warehouse doorways also means sideloaders are now used as an in-out truck. Electric sideloaders provide engine-like performance and the reduction in noise and exhaust emissions means operator comfort and co-workers’ environments are drastically improved.

The electrification of vehicles has certainly extended to the sideloader sector, although it’s fair to say Baumann were very early to the game. In 2012, a truck developed to work in the Swiss Alps helped Baumann win the prestigious Watt d’Or by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The award came for the energy efficiency of our first 120v truck used in conjunction with System-Alpenluft in Zermatt.

Once introduced, orders for the traditional 80v trucks declined as users began to see a new state-of-the-art machine, optimized for lower weight, with noiseless pumps and low maintenance.

Today, Baumann still offers an 80v machine, the entry-level the EHX, but the 120v EGX is also being used in applications never previously thought of as being suitable for electric trucks.

In developing the EGX range the goal was to produce a highly efficient and durable machine capable of working in demanding applications. Electrics offer zero emissions, are cheaper to run and maintain, as well as offering a better operator environment. Noise and cost savings will also benefit long-established companies which have seen towns grow up around them and are under pressure to cut emissions and noise pollution by neighbors and legislators.

Today, energy companies, fabricators, building materials merchants, roof truss suppliers, fruit juice, insulation, crane and plastic tube manufacturers, amongst a host of others, are some of the latest companies that are experiencing the art of working sideways.

The EGX offers a 120v system with two 20kw motors for two wheels. It makes a huge difference, not only because of the bigger nominal power but even because the power is provided continuously with no stop, even for long activities. With these new motors the trucks can reach very high speed with no limit of battery duration and an efficient battery change option. Refined cabins, new controller systems and dynamic all wheel braking systems make the package even more appealing.

In the majority of cases, new users are turning to electric. In Austria, two thirds of the market is electric. In Poland, a Baumann customer is using the EGX on a triple shift application with two batteries per truck, a 6,000 hour per annum operation. “The ground has shifted,” adds Managing Director, Klaus Pirpamer. “As one of the first manufacturers to introduce 120v technology, we saw the huge advantages on offer. Electric trucks have performance like that of a diesel, guaranteeing a full shift with lower costs. It’s no surprise our production is now roughly 50/50 between in engine and battery products, but within five years, we fully expect that to be 75/25 in electric trucks favor.”