Why choose a Baumann Sideloader?

Since 1969, Baumann has been a global market leader for state-of-the-art 2-way Sideloaders with a capacity of 3 to 50 tons. Renowned for manufacturing the most innovative and comprehensive selection of 2-way Sideloaders in the world, Baumann has built a reputation for its ability to customize standard models around a user’s specific needs. Known to go above and beyond, clients appreciate the reliable after-sale support provided by Bauman’s exclusive distributor in the US.

Baumann Invests in the Latest Technology 

Utilizing the latest technology, Bauman constantly refines and develops its high capacity models to improve safety, durability, productivity and energy efficiency. It’s no surprise that Baumann is now the leading manufacturer of 2-way electric Sideloaders raising the standard for operational uptime and zero-emissions. In addition to saving on the cost of fuel and lowering air pollution, Baumann’s electric Sideloaders are designed to help mitigate noise pollution in warehouse settings.  

For Baumann, Safety is a Top Priority 

When engineering Baumann Sideloaders, keeping loads secure is a top priority. Since Baumann Sideloaders carry cargo on the side they’re far safer than a front-loading forklift when handling long and bulky loads. 

The Sideloader cab is raised providing the operator with a clear, unobstructed view. Other safety features include video camera systems, pedestrian awareness monitors, reverse alarms, cab roof lights that are adjustable from inside the cab, plus other innovative safety systems to help comply with every customer’s safety requirements. 

Baumann Sideloaders are Tough & Built to Last 

Baumann’s patented Variable Reach System (VRS) is considered the most advanced development in Sideloader design in over 50 years. Recognized for delivering superior control, high precision and durability, Baumann Sideloaders are also known for their high-quality components designed to help reduce wear, simplify maintenance and provide greater safety. 

The highly-engineered chassis is designed to deliver power in a small footprint. When long loads are carried on the side, there is nothing added to the width of the machine making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces and fit through warehouse doors. Since the flatbed is reinforced with highly durable deck material, the load can be more evenly distributed and secured. Add to this, the entire chassis can tilt to provide extra security while Baumann’s  patented auto-deck leveling helps to ensure the load is kept horizontal when moving over uneven ground.

Optimum Operator Comfort & Safety 

Utilizing the latest technology and ergonomics, Baumann Sideloader cabs are designed to optimize safety and operator comfort. An operation control system is mounted in the dashboard to provide the driver with continuous updates on the machine’s operational status. Hydraulic levers are positioned to the operator’s right while the multi-adjustable armrest enhances comfort. Add to this rotating seats help assist the driver during the loading and unloading process. 

Superior Handling of Long & Heavy Loads 

It’s important to consider that front-loading forklifts are designed for lifting and moving pallets, and other relatively small loads, while Sideloaders are engineered specifically for long and heavy loads. 

Carrying long loads with a traditional, front-loading forklift presents a number of potential problems. When the forks are lowered, it’s difficult to see the width of a load when moving forward. If the forks are raised, forward movement becomes dangerous and may cause tipping accidents. 

Originally built for the timber and lumber industry, Baumann Sideloaders are engineered to carry very heavy, long loads without the risk of tipping and other types of accidents. When compared to traditional forklifts, they provide superior visibility because the operator is positioned at the side of the load giving them an unobstructed view of their surroundings.  

Today, Baumann Sideloaders have become the machine of choice for the auto, plastics, steel and concrete industries because they have proven to be safer and far more productive than traditional forklifts when handling long and heavy loads.

Cavaion Baumann USA is the Exclusive US Distributor of Baumann Sideloaders

As the exclusive Cavaion Baumann US distributor, we offer a comprehensive selection of electric and diesel Baumann Sideloaders. Our massive parts department is strategically located to provide quick delivery of Sideloader parts anywhere in the United States. Combined with our support team, we can promptly dispatch skilled technicians to any location in the country.    

Contact us today and discover why industry leaders have chosen to add Baumann Sideloaders to their fleet of material handling trucks.