Why are Baumann Sideloaders preferred in the Timber Industry?

You may be surprised to learn that Sideloaders were originally developed for the timber and lumber industry because they’re engineered to carry very heavy, long loads without the risk of tipping and other types of accidents that are common with front-loading forklifts. In fact, over the last 50 years, the name “Baumann” has become interchangeable with the word “Sideloader” in some of Europe’s timber regions.

Baumann Sideloaders are popular in the timber and forestry industries because sawmills and processing plants are often located on sloped mountain sites or in deep valleys. Since a Sideloader can travel distances outdoors on uneven ground it’s the machine that makes the most sense for handling timber and lumber.

Even when raw materials are stored outside, space is usually at a premium due to the size and bulk of timber and lumber. Since a Sideloader can turn and maneuver long, bulky loads in tight outdoor spaces it provides far more advantages than a front-loading forklift.

Baumann never Compromises on Performance & Durability  

Baumann Sideloaders are built to exacting standards that are ideal for the timber industry. The masts have a unique profile designed for the demands of lifting loads that are not always perfectly horizontal and traveling over uneven ground. When compared to traditional forklifts, Sideloaders provide superior visibility because the operator is positioned at the side of the load giving them an unobstructed view of their surroundings as the load is carried forward.

When it comes to Technology, Baumann raises the standard

When it comes to Sideloaders, Baumann has earned a reputation as an innovator. The patented Baumann Variable Reach System (VRS) is considered the most advanced development in Sideloader design in over 50 years. The VRS system is low in maintenance and simple in design, with a high level of engineering to ensure greater safety, smoother control and synchronized outreach for more accurate handling of long and heavy loads.

Otherwise known as Baumann’s award-winning Archimedes outreach system, this patented innovation utilizes the direct drive Archimedes screw to extend the fork carriage. This helps to prevent transverse movements and eliminates unnecessary stresses. Since the worm gear system and rollers work only in combination, it can deliver maximum working speeds.

The entire Sideloader chassis pivots to provide horizontal tilt much like a tilting mast on a traditional forklift. Add to this Baumann’s patented auto-deck leveling helps to ensure the load is kept horizontal when moving over uneven ground.

Are Electric Sideloaders suited for the Timber Industry?

The short answer: yes. Though it may seem like most Sideloaders in the timber industry are powered by diesel the switch to electric is well underway. As custodians of the world’s timber regions, many of today’s lumber businesses are taking measures to reduce their carbon footprint with more eco-friendly ways to handle their products. This has created a rising demand for electric Sideloaders that are tough enough to do the job with zero-emissions.

The Baumann EGX 80 is the largest capacity 120V electric Sideloader you’ll find on the market. Advantages include incredible battery longevity with high travel and lifting speed performance. The EGX features dual drive motors and a larger capacity one-piece battery fitted into one box and positioned over the deck. As a result, swapping out batteries is fast, easy and efficient. Meanwhile, the large diameter hydraulic pipes reduce the energy required to drive key functions.

At the end of the day, Baumann electric Sideloaders are less expensive to run and maintain while offering better operator safety and comfort. It’s also important to remember that electric Sideloaders help to decrease noise pollution on the worksite. Without a doubt, choosing one of Baumann’s electric models can provide a better overall return on investment while helping to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

We understand the needs of the Timber Industry

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