Leading Italian manufacturer, Baumann, has introduced new 6,600 – 11,00 lbs. capacity trucks to its award-winning range of sideloaders…

The 2018 HX30, HX40 and HX50 models include new engines, refined ergonomic cabins and new joystick controls, offering what the company believes to be the highest levels of durability, visibility and control in the market.

Following two years of trials and six months of rigorous testing, the cabin has been redesigned to strengthen the framework, simplify access and allowing the central side struts to be removed.

Other components have been upgraded in line with Baumann’s high capacity ranges, whilst the Hatz 54kw engine meets tough emissions standards via an oxidizing catalytic converter, and without the need for a regenerative process.

“We are continuously looking to improve the range,” says managing director, Klaus Pirpamer, “and the latest HX models provide compact performance and superb durability. Our previous cab improved visibility to the front corners but our continuous development ethos meant we still aimed to improve. The glass side panel on the new cabin now means the driver’s view has been significantly improved from both sides. Access is more open and the response from operators and owners has been superb.”

Changes in materials and advances in toughened glass also allowed the Italian sideloader manufacturer to reconfigure the glass panel on the new cabin. An extremely thorough testing process requires major structural improvements, such as new cabins to be tested to destruction, with the results held in storage for at least a decade.

The result is a very sturdy design, together with more sensitive control via a new hydraulic system.

“The new design was tested by applying large amounts of pressure to the roof,” explains UK managing director at Baumann, Jason Reynolds. “The aim was to provide an improved view and outstanding protection without sacrificing the build quality and durability for which the brand is renowned.”

For UK models, the new cabin has been added to the HX30 and HX40 models, whilst the HX50 cabin was already upgraded in 2017.

Concludes Jason: “Operators can spend the majority of their shift inside the cab, unlike perhaps many forklift operators, who are more likely to be off and on. Getting the interior right is a must.”

Based in Cavaion on the shores of Lake Garda, Baumann is a family-owned company that has led the sector for over 40 years, and now sells its products worldwide through 106 dealers in 76 countries. The 2016 FLTA Innovation award winner produces equipment up to 110,200 lbs. capacity and has a reputation for consistent invention and the highest level of design and productivity.