Enhancing Safety with a Baumann Sideloader

One of the greatest advantages of sideloaders over counterbalance forklifts is their enhanced safety. But how exactly do sideloaders improve safety?

When loads are carried widthways across forks, stability becomes a significant issue. The combination of a wide load and a partially obstructed view often tempts operators to raise the load, which is dangerous and can lead to tipping, even with relatively light loads.

Sideloaders address stability concerns by intelligently distributing weight, considering the effects of loads, mast heights, and movement.

Baumann Sideloaders Improve Safety by Counterbalancing

To counteract the forces exerted on a sideloader when lifting a load, weight is added along the operator’s edge of the truck, particularly along the left side. In electric sideloaders, the battery provides some counterweight, positioned above the deck behind the operator.

However, relying solely on this method can be inefficient, especially for electric vehicles where excessive weight can drag performance. Baumann designs their sideloaders to achieve an even weight distribution, both loaded and unloaded. This design creates a rigid, stable, and safe frame without unnecessary weight.
By creating a smaller, lightweight chassis with angled sections for stiffness and stability, Baumann sideloaders avoid excess weight. For instance, the latest ELX model is up to 2.5 tonnes lighter than conventional engine machines. Additional weight is strategically added where most effective, enhancing durability and lowering the center of gravity with components like the new steering axle.

The Outreach Mechanism

Forklifts collect loads by driving up to them. In contrast, reach trucks and sideloaders extend their masts toward the load, a process known as outreach.

Traditionally, sideloader outreach systems use hydraulic cylinders to drive the forks out to the load and back to the load bed. This method, however, has inherent issues due to friction, causing sudden oscillations of the carriage and mast. This not only adds sideways pressure and stress on the chassis but also necessitates regular maintenance and skilled operators.

To address these issues, Baumann redesigned the outreach system in 2014. They introduced a patented Archimedes screw, or worm gear outreach system, replacing the traditional pantograph-style linkage. This direct drive system prevents transverse movements and eliminates unnecessary stresses, enhancing safety and control.

The new worm gear system is low maintenance and highly durable, providing smoother control and accurate load handling. The refined Variable Reach System (VRS) includes additional strengthening via a guide rail, more grooves and bearings for precision, and a bespoke control valve block.

Customer Feedback and Product Quality

Over the past few decades, customers have consistently praised the quality, strength, and reliability of Baumann sideloaders. The company’s focus on quality manufacturing and product reliability, combined with high-quality support, results in machines that improve operations, reduce waste, enhance comfort and productivity, and offer immediate fuel and maintenance savings. Baumann sideloaders not only enhance operational efficiency but also significantly improve workplace safety.

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