Choosing Sideloaders Over Forklifts for Long Load Handling

Poor visibility with long loads on forklifts

Traveling with a raised load is inherently unsafe

Despite the higher costs and safety risks associated with forklifts, many operations continue to use them for moving long loads. Here’s why sideloaders are a safer and more efficient solution:

  1. Improved Storage Density: Sideloader designs favor higher storage density, especially for loads exceeding 6.5” in length. With lengths reaching 13”, warehouses can achieve over 120% increased capacity.
  2. Reduced Damage: Using forklifts for long loads can lead to costly damage. For every $1 of forklift damage, up to $7 may be incurred in material, product, or building damage—particularly vulnerable are doorways and racking.
  3. Faster & Safer Handling: Forklifts are slow and risky on uneven ground. Block stacking wastes time, requiring ‘digging out’ loads from the back of rows.
  4. Greater Operator Comfort: Sideloaders provide a raised, front-facing position for operators, offering better visibility and ergonomic driving—a stark contrast to the poor visibility and twisting required with forklifts.

Key Reasons to Choose Baumann Sideloaders:

  • Safety Features: Designed for handling long and awkward loads safely.
  • Unobstructed View: Raised cab ensures clear visibility for safer operations.
  • Compact Design: Side-loading capability without increasing machine width.
  • Reinforced Flatbed: Durable deck material ensures load stability and distribution.
  • Tilting Chassis: Extra security with auto-deck leveling on uneven terrain.
  • Built to Last: Baumann’s sideloaders are known for longevity and reliability.

Customer Feedback: Customers praise Baumann sideloaders for quality, strength, and reliability, with lasting benefits including improved efficiency, reduced waste, and enhanced comfort.

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